About the Organic Equivalency Agreements

Taiwan has reached organic equivalency agreements with Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada in a bid to supply high-quality and delicious organic agricultural products and processed food. So that certified organic products from Taiwan and 5 countries can be imported equally, without further certification. In other words, after many consultations and on-site verification between the governments of Taiwan and Australia/New Zealand, reached a bilateral agreement on organic equivalence with both nations. Based on the agreement signed in 2020, Taiwan's organic agricultural products had the eligible opportunity to enter Australia/New Zealand, the major organic nations, to provide unique processed agricultural products and allow Australian/New Zealand consumers to taste the flavors from Taiwan. Therefore, we hope that through the online fair and business matching, the traders and distributors can deepen their understanding and further promote the cooperation between Taiwan and Australia/New Zealand. Taiwan’s genuine organic agriculture is endorsed and labeled by Taiwan Organic Mark which has been used to recognize the agri-product to be organic since 2019 as the "Organic Agriculture Promotion Law" was implemented. This mark is promoted by Agriculture & Food Agency (AFA), Council of Agriculture to display the diversified organic agri-products from Taiwan.

About the online Fair and Business Matching

This online business fair dated on October 19, 2021 is supported by the Taiwan government and planned and executed by the AFA, which is guaranteed, has backing support, and provided the opportunity to get in touch with Taiwan’s excellent organic suppliers. The whole day event includes briefings of Taiwanese suppliers, followed by the one-on-one business matching. There are 9 Taiwanese companies for you to talk to and choose from. You can participate in the whole event and do business with the best organic suppliers in Taiwan by prior arrangement. Welcome to sign up now. About Taiwan’s companies and their fine products Taiwan’s excellent companies who are entitled with “Taiwan Organic Mark” joining the October 19, 2021 on line presentation and business matching are as above.

On line Business Matching Agenda

Taiwan- ANZ Organic Agricultural Products on line One-to-One Business Matching.
October, 19, 2021

Event Date: October 19

Time of schedule: Starting from

Taiwan time: 9:30 / Brisbane time: 11:30 / Sydney time: 12:30 / New Zealand time: 14:30


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Council of Agriculture,
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